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Official clan Rules
Member Rules: 
  • Always speak English in public channels. (Teamspeak and /c chat)
  • Show respect to members in and out of the clan
  • We do not permit ANY form of Dethreating, scamming, griefing, ghosting and not at all CHEATING or exploiting bugs.
  • Do not run away in missions
  • If you feel like an argument with a clan member is running out of hand, be smart and just shut up.
  • Every member has their own same value as other members.
  • Group up with new members of the clan as well. They deserve some love aswell!
  • When facing a cheater, do not argue with them in /d or /w. Rather just /report them. Go AFK or finish the mission.
  • Try to avoid bronze districts, if you're silver and play there.. LEAVE as soon as you turn gold.

Last but not least. If the rules are to be overstepped by a member of the clan, please report it AlexandraTrompInfinito or MiraiSekai
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