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Midgard Blacklist.
This post is for anyone interested to know who got kicked by Me or other Midgard representatives for Disrespectful behavior (Hackusations, noobisations, offensive language and so on) and hacking and exploiting in-game.
I made this post mainly for other clans that have behavior and anti hack/exploit rules as a warning sign to not recruit certain people that have a difficulty with these rules.
Later on we will expand this list to people who we refuse to let in.

Thus we list 3 options for reason for kick which is:
  • exploit/hack/Scamming
  • disrespectful behavior (Hackusations, noobisations and offensive language)
  • disrespectful acts (TK on purpose, objective blocking)
Disrespectful behavior:
  • tutaz/tutanix
  • Avartz
  • DavidTro1
  • Koyopeyxie
  • Missrage
  • Eroticbunny
  • Hamzaafzal
  • Girl30
  • XskylarX
  • Morgann
  • EsmeraldaQueenie
  • Lliva

Disrespectful Act:
  • Trinity101
  • Hydee
  • Eviltama

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